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How To Start A Blog

The step-by-step path to starting a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Blog to Biz Strategies | How To Start A Blog

One of the most challenging parts of blogging for many bloggers is HOW to actually get their self-hosted WordPress blog set up. That’s why I’ve decided to create a “how to start a blog” series that will walk you through every step of the process from start to finish.  

Not only will you learn exactly what you need to do, I’ll even show you HOW to do it. In simple steps, using simple – plain English. With step-by-step photo AND video tutorials where needed.

There will be no tech-speak, no gobbledygook. My goal with this series is to make it the ultimate guide on starting a blog for the tech-challenged blogger.  You can expect a new post in the series to be released every week.


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