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From Full Time Mom to Pro Blogger​

They told me it couldn’t be done. I told them I could. And I did. You can too.

Hi, I'm Andrea Walford

Andrea Walford | Virtual Coach & Mentor for Bloggers & Online Entrepreneurs

Ten years ago, I decided to throw it all away. At least that’s what they told me. 

I had spent 7 years pursuing my Master’s of Health Science Degree in Community Nutrition and had graduated top of my class. 

I was a licensed Registered Dietitian and had worked at one of the premier cancer hospitals in the country.

After choosing to stay home to raise my kids, I had started and built a thriving part-time nutrition consulting practice.

And…I was going to let it all go? For what? A blog? A card-making blog of all things? 

It sounded incredible…well actually, incredibly stupid…even to me…but…I had a dream (and cue music)…….

I Wanted to Pursue My Creative Passion

All my life I had dreamed of having more time to pursue my creative passions. I had also dreamed of being an entrepreneur. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be able to combine the two.

I started my first blog to share my passion for making handmade greeting cards, and to see if I could use my blog to promote and grow my offline “side-business” as a Network Marketer with a paper crafts company called Stampin’ Up!

I had previously tried and failed at building an online business, and didn’t hold out high hopes for my blog. After all, I had no tech experience. I owned a laptop and a camera, but all I knew how to do was google and send emails.

That’s. Literally. It.

But I knew that I had to try something.

Blog to Biz Strategies | Pursuing My Creative Passion

I Became the Queen of Online D.I.Y.

“Some people want it to happen. Some wish it would happen. Others make it happen.” ~Michael Jordan

"Everything Is Figureoutable"

This is one of my absolute favorite quotes from Marie Forleo, and I followed it to the letter!

My first blog was a bust. Determined not to give up I decided I needed to learn absolutely everything I could about blogging – both the tech side and the online marketing side.

I launched my second blog, this time a self-hosted WordPress blog, and it was a completely different story. Instead of guesswork I now had a plan.

Because of my blog, my “side-business” as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator blossomed, and I became one of the top performers in Canada.

At the same time though, I saw an opportunity.

That’s when I started to realize that maybe, just maybe, I could make this whole “blogging thing” work.

I came up with my very first digital product idea: step-by-step photo tutorials.

In today’s terms, e-books. My online business was born! And that was when I gave up my license as a Registered Dietitian.

Blog to Biz Strategies | Everything is figureoutable

Within 6 months of starting my second blog (my “real” blog), I went from zero online income to consistently averaging about $10,000 a month from digital products alone. Within a year, I had hit 6 figures and officially hired my first employee.

As my technical know-how grew, and my creative skills improved, my business evolved as well. Having tasted success in one niche, I decided to launch blogs selling digital products in other niches.

I launched an art blog and offered online mixed media art and art journaling courses.

I launched a blog on which I built a video-based membership site which sky-rocketed into the largest and most comprehensive online library of paper crafting and mixed media video tutorials on the web.

Each time, I followed the same path that I had used for my first successful blog. And I was able to turn both of these blogs into 6-figure blogs, within a year.

For more of the nitty gritty details, click here.

Here's where I am today:

Hours Blogging
Years Teaching

After launching and building so many blog-focused online businesses, I realized that it was something that I could help others do…so here I am today.

I'd Love To Be Your Online Guide

Blog to Biz Strategies | Andrea Walford - Sitting

It’s been a long journey since that first little creative spark of an idea, to where I am now. 

Although I’ve experienced a lot of success, along the way, I’ve also made a lot of mistakes and struggled with a lot of fear and self-doubt. 

The nature of entrepreneurship is that sometimes the things you try work…and sometimes they don’t.  Had I known when I first started what I know now, I would have made a lot fewer mistakes.

Had I had someone to guide me who had “been there, done that,” the journey would have been a heck of a lot less bumpy. Less time-consuming. Less costly.

That’s what I want to be for you: your guide, and your online mentor. I want to help you navigate the road to making your dreams a reality.

What This Site Will Do For You

I have dedicated this site to helping you start and grow a blog that makes money and changes lives. A blog that allows you to design the life of your dreams doing something that you love.

I’m going to share the path that I followed to build my blog-based online businesses, and I’m going to walk you through it, step by step.

In everything I share, my aim is going to be to keep it straight to the point – ZERO fluff – and give you actionable advice.

Whether it’s finding your perfect idea for your blog, building and growing your blog, all the way to monetizing your blog and launching your online business – I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Fun Facts About Me.

We live in a house with 11 people – from 9 to 98 – and a dog.

I love to talk, but I’m also an introvert, so being online is the best of both worlds.

I never watch TV…unless my hubby makes me.

My favourite types of books to read are self-help, business and the Bible.

I can’t handle spicy but I love Mexican food….actually, I love food period.

I work out because it’s good for me, not because I love it (I don’t).

I’m obsessed with coffee and Jesus….and getting enough sleep.


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